10 Sites to Create Free Website and Free Life Time Hosting

Today, most of the internet users having website or blog. Its a good identity for website owner. Here i have shared 10 sites to create free website and free life time hosting. It is very useful for all to create your website and blog free.


1. providing free hosting solution and free website creator.

2. gives you free domain and unlimited website hosting.

3. you can create flash website with drag and drop support.

4. is the one of the best way to create professional website.

5. offers 100 mb web space, you can use your own domain name.

6. you can create website quickly with drag and drop support.

7. allows to create free website and free web space up to 15 MB.

8. gives you to create full free site with 300 MB web space.

9. provides free site, email list, groups, family, sport team and more.

10. allows to create free social network website free.


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    Could you please share some article on how google crawlers works?

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