7 Easy Steps to Increase Traffic Your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog

How to increase traffic to your blog on blogger (  using title linking by using the trade show link fields option to SEO your locate and potentially get on to more money online in your blogging adventures. By using this straightforward to ended look and very helpful option in the blogger control panel you can help your blog locate rank with the intention of much better in the search engines. Here the 7 easy steps to improve your blogs traffic.


7 steps to increase traffic your blog

7 steps to increase traffic your blogger



Step 1. Go to your blogger dashboard.

Step 2. Click “Settings”.

Step 3. Click “Formatting” tab under setting.

Step 4. Scroll down and look the option to “show link fields”, change to Yes.

Step 5. Click “Save Settings”.

Step 6. Click the main tab “Posting”, you can see URL link field below the title field.

Step 7. Enter your main blog address into the link entry field to all your blog post.


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