Getting Auto Hits to your website

Hello Guys,

Today I am Going to share few backtrack methods in SEO, which can give automatic hits to your website. But, I personally don’t recommend to to use this technique as because it can give high bounce rate to your Website/Blog.

Auto hits traffic

But for those people who need hits from various location may use these.


Just signup using simple steps and enter the Website/Blog to which you need hits. But while your website is getting hits from multiple location. you also will need to visit others website(But don’t worry, their automatic systems take care of it) which visits the website automatic from your system.


Traffboost is totally different from the above website, In order to get hits to your website you need to visit the other website and indeed they will visit yours, Its like give and take relationships.


Traffup is also similar to traffboost, you can use these also to get automatic hits, just sign up and follow there simple steps.

Don’t go for Autohits

There are multiple reasons, why you should not use auto hits.

1.Adding website to autohits may give you traffic but people will just open and close the website, Thus increasing your bounce rate.

2.You get unwanted visitors to your blog, which don’t care about your blog.

3.Google will not rank your page, Assuming the content on your website is useless as many people just come and go.

I had asked one of my former company’s friend “Anup Bhosale” who is SEO Specialist who suggested, Its better to have no visitors then getting unwanted and bother-less vistors/users. So good Luck with blogging and perform steps wherever necessary,You can leave comment and I will be happy to help…!!!!


        1. I just try to give information which is available..!!!
          It depends on each one perspective.
          Some people just wants their website to be seen in google and getting hits.Which they can rely on.
          I also recommend not to use such technique..!!!

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