Tips after penguin 4.0 update

After lots of reseach, refering many seo sites and heavy discussion with my friend Mr.Anup(SEO Expert), I have came across many important things that we blogger’s forgets very oftenly.

Now SEO works with Real Time Penguin,
What this means exactly:

Your site will get penalized in near real-time (if you get unnatural or any Spam links) as well as recover from a penalty incredibly quickly.(if you disallow or remove the bad links)

With Penguin going in real-time, the google algorithm(Script) will act fast: catch spam link profiles as quickly as possible and keep low-quality sites from ranking well in the search results.

And below are few important things that you must follow after these penguin 4.0 update

1. Unique content:

Use Unique ContentMake sure you have unique content on your website, Consider the Eg. If you copy a content from any other website, the google crawler(in technical terms: the programatically written script) will detect the content duplication, it will give penalty and won’t rank your current webpage which conatins duplication(only the page which conatins duplicate content will get penalty)
the site from which you are copying won’t get affected as google had already ranked that site.
you may take refrence from other site and write it in your own slang, or try to use unique content technique which will give you unique content.

2. Google Friendly website :

It is been observed that responsive website are tend to rank higher then non-responsive website.

Google Friendly Test

As per the new update google loves mobile friendly website refer here =>, to check whether your website/blog is google friendly or not.

3. Page Speed

One of the other must things that is to be done.
Below are muliple sites where you can test your website speed. The website which loads fast in highly benificial

A. Google Insights:

Make sure your speed is above 80+(for both mobile & desktop)

Google Insights

B. Pingdom Tools:

here your website speed should be 90+

Pingom Speed Test

C. GTmetrix & Yslow:

make sure your website has A rank, or B might work, bt if it falls in C or D rank, you need to optimize it to get upto B rank.Other page score is same as pingdom tools.


Hint: Just make sure your google insights speed is above 80+ , rest all test result of pingdom tools, yslow etc will get increase.

4. ON page seo tips

1. Make sure each page has one and only one h1 tag, google finds it very useful to identify the content
2. Also, add some strong tags in your content and give interlinking(Deep linking), these will help google as well as your visitors for navigation and understanding the concept

There are many other things to be followed(as meta descriptions, title tag etc.) but above discussed are the mandatory things that should be done in order to optimize your website.

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