How To Add Your Blog To Technorati Step by Step Guide

Techorati is very Powerful search engine for blogs. It has indexed more than 200 million blogs. So adding your blogs to technorati, your blogs indexes properly and get more traffic your blogs. Here the step by step guide to add your blog to technorati.


Step 1 : Sign in on technorati ( Join link at top right corner)

Step 2 : Click your account link (your userID), it’s near signout link.

Step 3 : Click Claimed Blogs tab. ( below your Profile page)

Step 4 : Enter your Blog URL then click Begin Claim Button. ( Ex.

Step 5 : Enter your Title, Url, Description of your blog. Then Click Claim blog.

How to verify Your technorati claim token?

Step 6 : Make a new post

Step 7 : Copy and paste your technorati claim token

Step 8 : Publish Your new post

Step 9 : Go to your Technorati account and click on “Check Claim”

My Technorati claim token : HEPN2QMP87NV

Thats it, Your blog is now added in technorati.

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