How to Get free traffic Digg front page step by step? is the giant of social media. If you use Digg properly, it gives massive traffic to your blog. But one thing your blog have to get front page on Digg. If your blog post got front page of Digg, your blog can get 2500 to 50000 unique visitors from a single front page story. 90% of the stories won’t get front page. How to get Digg front page guaranteed?. Here the step by step guide to get Digg front page and get free traffic to your blog.

how to get digg front page traffic
how to get digg front page traffic

1. Create a Digg account, and make user name that is easy to remember.

2. Upload a good profile picture.

3. Don’t submit your own blog post for 1 week.

4. Find active users of Digg (user must be submit 50 stories, 500 duggs daily)

5. Follow or Add friend the 100 active users daily.

6. Digg your friends stories, and front page stories (around 500 stories daily) without reading it. They will Digg back you in return.

7. Submit 100 fresh and famous stories daily from other social media network like reddit, twitter and stumble upon and make sure that you are getting at least 15-25 diggs every time.

8. Watch Digg and try to leave first or second comment (50 stories daily) at the newly digged stories on front page of Digg. These will give you exposure on Digg.

9. You need at least 50+ Diggs to make it to the Digg front page.

10. Repeat the above 9 steps for one week.

11. After a week you will get minimum 40-50 diggs for your stories.

12. Once you start making it to front page several times, you will be at front page even at 25 Diggs and it will become very easy.

13. Now you can submit your own blog post. (if you submit 10 famous stories means, submit 1 own blog post)

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